In 2008, despite general scepticism, Amedeo decided to remove 1500 Trebbiano grapevines from the vineyard “Lenza” right in the middle of production to replant Cabernet Sauvignon vines.
This risk saw its returns in the grape harvest of 2013, the year when 5 7 14 became the flagship for the company. It takes its name from the grapes used in the first vinification that coincided with the wedding day of Amedeo and Rossella, lover of great wines herself as well as inspirational muse. The wine was therefore given an important and significant name and it represents a high point from which to continue towards new and challenging horizons. It embodies the ambition, the courage and the great desire to continue the quest for the highest quality and enjoyment. This wine also stands out as the bottles have been numbered and sealed by hand with blue rubber. It has been produced as a limited edition from the scrupulous selection of the best grapes from our vineyards and only during optimal years.
With its deep ruby red colouring it gives an immediate fragrance of complexity and strength with sweet and spiced aromas, graphite, mint chocolate, small mature black berries, and notes of black cherry preserve.

Its flavour is  balance between freshness, savoury hints and strength, and the same fragances as in its perfume with a vibrant thread of very fine tanins and a long finale that begs another sip.

Wine Sheet

Sangiovese 40% Cabernet Sauvignon 30% Merlot 30%

Our vineyards in Massanova

Silt loam

6.5 tonnes/ha

separate pressing and fermentation in stainless-steel vats for 14 days at 24-26⁰C

in thermoconditioned stainless-steel vats. Matured in barriques for 12 months and in the bottle for 6 months

16-18⁰C Average alcohol content 14.5% vol.

Packaged in boxes of 6 x 0,75 l conical Bordeaux bottles with a blue rubber seal

The Magnum bottles are available with this wine in volumes of 1.5l, 3l and 5l. The bottle is presented in a hardwood case.

All bottles are numbered by hand.