cropped-icon.pngRaffaele Castelluccio began dedicating his time to the family farm in 1990 after the death of his father Giuseppe. The vineyards produced excellent grapes that were sold to very small private wine producers for their own use.

The great passion for the vineyard however belonged to a woman, Felicia Cosentino (Giuseppe’s wife). Her contribution to the wine-producing business was fundamental as it provided an irreplaceable contibution rooted in a great family tradition and a priceless work ethic. Under her watchful eye Raffaele planted another 2 vineyards in 1992: Lenza and Gramigna.On the Massanova Masseria, there was a small wine cellar where wine was produced for the family and for friends. The first generational shift was sealed by two wines: the 1988 red, the last produced by Giuseppe Castelluccio and the first red wine produced in 1990 by Raffaele.

In order to valorise the wonderful grapes from Massanova, in 1996 after having assured himself of his son Amedeo’s intentions, at the time in his early twenties, Raffaele decided to build a new winery that could process the family’s grapes using the best technology available. Thus the great experimentation phase in the old wine cellar began and unbottled wine was sold to private clients.

Amedeo gained confidence and with great passion and enthusiasm commercialised the first bottles of Massanova red wine and Bianco del Pollino in 2000. His ambition for top quality, passed down from his mother Elena to him, became his guiding star and led to recognition throughout Europe.

In September  2002 Felicia Cosentino inaugurated the first harvest in the new winery.

In 2008, despite general scepticism, Amedeo decided to remove 1500 Trebbiano grapevines from the vineyard “Lenza” right in the middle of production to replant Cabernet Sauvignon vines. This risk saw its returns in the grape harvest of 2013, the year when 5-7-14 became the flagship for the company.

Today Raffaele takes care of the vineyards and Amedeo runs the wine cellar. Both men are driven by their same passion for wines and vines.

The Vineyards

Our vineyards are located in Contrada Massanova approximately 250-300 metres above sea level, near

Senise, a town nestled in the hills in the south of Basilicata, inside the boundaries of the National Park of Pollino.

Our winery exclusively uses our own grapes from the family’s vineyards: “Vigna Vecchia” was planted in 1975, while “Gramigna” and “Lenza” were both planted in 1992. Our vineyards are located on the sunny hilltops looking down on the breathtaking view of the Lake of Monte Cotugno, an important contributor to creating the ideal microclimate for the production of great wines. When the air we breathe is pure, when the food is genuine and when traditional values are proudly guarded, you can enjoy a glimpse into local secrets and taste the landscape itself in just a sip of wine.

We cultivate our vineyards according to the criteria set out by organic farming regulations whilst still respecting the nature that surrounds them and the traditions that are handed down from generation to generation. We manage the production areas separately by dividing individual vines into areas and subareas in order to naturally obtain the different wines we produce following a rigorous selection process.

Manual harvesting allows us to select the grapes on the vine and this is carried out with scrupulous care by our harvesters all dedicated to the quest for quality.

The grapes are taken to the winery immediately where technically advanced machinery conclude the year’s hard work in the vineyards. As we are able to carry out these production processes directly, we are reaching ever higher quality standards.

Our product is the fruit of research and experimentation. We were the first in our area to rediscover and revalorise the potential and the traditions that have been present in this territory since the times of the ancient Greeks. New wineries opening in the area only confirm that we are making progress in the right direction.

Another source of satisfaction is being able to produce aged wines, a sure sign of the great potential quality our territory can achieve. The strong personality and uniqueness of our wines is thanks to our individuality and independence from changing trends. We are proud to infuse our history, our culture and our soul into these wines and to continue to bring pleasure to your palate day after day whilst making the most of the natural characteristics of our grapes.